Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo will be releasing a celebratory album for his 10th anniversary as a solo singer.

Last year, M Lee Minwoo met his 10th year since his solo debut, and next month on the 6th he will be returning as M with his new album ‘M+TEN’.

In 2003 he released his first album ‘Un-Touch-Able’, and since then has released four studio albums, two mini albums, and a single album, promoting actively not only as a group but also as solo singer M.

His new album ‘M+TEN’ is his first in 5 years since ‘Minnovation’, released in 2009, and is a special mini album containing a total of 5 songs including his title song ‘Taxi’.

Lee Minwoo has written and lyricized many songs for his solo albums and Shinhwa albums, and this time again he’s written the lyrics for the title song ‘Taxi’. On these lyrics the project team Split added realistic sounds and a dreamlike rhythm to complete a disco and funk style song.

As Lee Minwoo has also shown many new and unique performances for each of his albums, many are looking forward to what ‘M Style’ he’ll showcase this time for his new song ‘Taxi’.

Lee Minwoo has worked harder than ever to produce his special 10th anniversary album ‘M+TEN’, and is expecting passionate reviews from his fans.

Fellow Shinhwa member Eric will also be joining in, as he wrote and rapped the rap parts for the title song ‘Taxi’.

A source from Live Works Company said, “Lee Minwoo has prepared his 10th anniversary special album with the utmost care, choosing all the songs himself and putting his own touch on them. The title song ‘Taxi’ is about an episode he encountered in a taxi, and has an addictive chorus as well as a special performance involving Taxi Girls. We hope to see much support from fans.”

M Lee Minwoo’s 10th anniversary special album ‘M+TEN’ will be released on February 6th.

SourceNews Way